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Fellowes Laminierfolie Admire A3 80 mic stylish...
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Laminierfolie Admire; Material und Oberfläche: PET, stylish matt; Stärke der Folie: 80 mic; nicht reflektierend für bessere Lesbarkeit und ein elegantes Finish; Verwendung für Papierformate: A3; Ausführung des Inhalts der Packung: 25 StückPack;

Anbieter: mcbuero
Stand: 31.03.2020
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Fellowes I-Spire Series Mousepad Wrist Rocker 9...
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• Stylish Mousepad: contemporary design and clean lines. Wrist Rocker is sleekly shaped. Will suit any office or home setup. Ideal for creating a comfortable and stylish workspace anywhere. Keeps your work desk organized and looks aesthetically pleasing • Maximum Comfort for Wrists: forget the pain and discomfort caused to your wrists by constant use of computer keyboard. Keyboard wrist pad is ergonomically shaped to align the wrist precisely. Redistributes painful pressure points and provides soft wrist support • Innovative Design: use the mouse more easily and smoothly. Advanced rocking design and biomechanical shape offers a consistent support. Smart mousepad moves along with your wrist • Perfectly Angled: Help minimize cramps and strains in wrist and hand. Elliptical design keeps your wrist slightly elevated. Mousemat gently rocks with your hand as you work while using the mouse. Provides a cool spot for your wrist to rest upon • Easy Maintenance: FIRA accredited product. Use a damp cloth for quick and easy cleaning. Mousepad Wrist Rocker can be disinfected with soap and water. Compatible to operate with optical and laser mouse Upgrade your ordinary mouse pad with Fellowes I-Spire Series Mousepad Wrist Rocker to maximize working comfort for your wrist. Ergonomically shaped keyboard wrist pad provides constant support and a cool spot to the wrist. No more pain and cramps despite long hours of keyboard usage. Elliptical design makes the mouse pad move with your wrist while providing a gentle rocking motion. Precise elevation angle leaves no room for any discomfort. Soft mouse mat is lightweight and easy to clean. Use a damp cloth or clean with soap and water for deep cleaning. Wrist rocker works equally well with optical and laser mouse. Innovatively designed wrist pad has a modern, sleek appearance with clean lines. It coordinates perfectly with any home or office décor scheme.

Anbieter: Dodax
Stand: 31.03.2020
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